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Your Skidaddle enema device provides relief
while maintaining your comfort, convenience,  and privacy!


Easier To Administer, No Penetration Necessary

Your Skidaddle has been ergonomically designed and crafted with Bio-compatible FDA cleared material which provides you with unparalleled comfort during what can normally be a stressful experience.

No more tubes inserted into the rectal cavity. The Skidaddle fits snug against your rectum and the pressure from the squeeze bottle is enough to get fluid into the large intestine and rinse away blockages.

Just sit on the toilet seat, place the enema device between your legs, and gently push the device away from you. This will fit the end of the enema device tight against your rectum. Slowly squeeze the attached enema bottle to deliver the laxative solution until empty. ​


Do Your Business Where It's Meant To Be Done

Are you still laying on a floor to administer an enema?
Standing in a tub with towels everywhere?
Rushing to the toilet while holding in laxative solution?

Since your Skidaddle is designed to be administered  while seated on the toilet, it virtually eliminates any chance of undesirable accidents. Coupled with any over the counter enema bottle, Skidaddle is now your easy enema solution to all the above problems. 


Because Nobody Else Needs To Know

 Skidaddle's patented design allows you the independence and privacy to self administer an enema on the commode while in the privacy of your own bathroom. 

Now you can sit on the toilet, attach an enema bottle, then squeeze for relief from constipation without any assistance. 

All Skidaddles are packaged and shipped to your door in a discreet gray, bubble wrapped envelope with no packaging description. The only person that will every know is you. 

Ken & Joan Beechie Skidaddle Inventors

I was concerned about the need for privacy and independence when administering an enema. People who suffer the side effects of pain medication, such as my wife and millions of others, are at the mercy of enemas including the possibility of accidents. As a result, I put on my thinking cap and invented the Skidaddle." - Ken Beechie 

Skidaddle may lessen the severity of these constipation related side effects:

  • Hemorrhoids
  • Rectal Bleeding
  • Weakened Immune System 
  • Fatigue
  • Anemia (caused by bleeding)

Skidaddle Is The Answer!

Invented to give everyone a simple at home solution. Skidaddle delivers the privacy and independence everyone deserves when constipation strikes.

Coupled with any over-the-counter enema bottle (Fleet type enema solution works in conjunction with the Skidaddle) our product provides relief that can be self-administered at home while seated on the commode. 

Easier Constipation 
Relief Starts Today

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$49.99 + S&H

Private And Secure Checkout

Our Product Guarantee To You

There is a lifetime warranty on the device. If the product is faulty in any way we will replace the Skidaddle with a new one.
Our warranty will apply to the replacement unit. 

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